Game Review: Tales of Rebirth (PSP)

Tales of Rebirth Title

The Tales Series has taken a rough road when it comes to its American presence. It wasn’t until only recently that the series has begun getting relatively consistent English releases, and even then a lot of titles are still being skipped. Back in the PS2 generation, 4 original titles were released on the PS2 (Not counting the Symphonia port) and of those, only 2 made it to American shores. The two that didn’t were Tales of Destiny 2 (Not to be confused with Tales of Eternia, released in the U.S. as Tales of Destiny 2) and Tales of Rebirth. Tales of Rebirth was made by Team Destiny and released December 16, 2004. The version this review will cover is the PSP version, released March 19, 2008, which added an arena, the illustration book, some extra cut-ins for mystic artes, and some more events, just to name a few. With that, lets talk a bit about the game!

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Game Review: Final Fantasy V (GBA)
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Very few JRPG series get the genre fandoms pulse racing like Final Fantasy. And for a good reason. Final Fantasy originated in 1987 as the result of an act of desperation by creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. It was meant to be the final game created by a struggling Squaresoft. Instead of ending the company however, it was a massive success and has gone on to spawn numerous sequels and spin offs. Final Fantasy V, as its numeral reveals, is the fifth in the long running series, and generally regarded as one of the best. I recently settled down and plowed through the GameBoy Advance version of this game for #JRPGJuly and decided to write down my thoughts in my first game review. So with that, let us get into it.

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